Coffee and Espresso Machine

Perfect Match: Coffee and Espresso Machine

The popularity of coffee has been quite insurmountable for the past decade and has attained its place as one of the top beverages in the world. Tracing its roots back to the 9th century in the highlands of Ethiopia, coffee has long since traveled and extended its flavorful richness and aroma as well as its supposed health benefits to coffee drinkers. These days, the popularity of coffee is evident by the number of coffee shops and specialty stores that prepare different kinds of coffee concoctions using different types, blends and even flavored coffee beans.

The best coffee to capture the right balance of flavor, aroma, bean robustness and acidity is commonly prepared using an espresso base. This is the reason why the perfect combination of quality coffee and an espresso machine that can extract its full flavor offers the best cup of java. Espresso is a concentrated coffee brew that is produced by tamping coffee into pucks, and extracting the flavors with highly-pressurized water. Indeed, the right combination of high quality coffee and an espresso machine that is dependable and functional assures coffee lovers of a perfect shot of espresso every single time.

The Espresso Brewing Process

Espresso, which probably originated in Italy, has a thicker consistency than drip coffee or other beans that are ground coffee makers. The brewing process involved in producing espresso assures that more flavors are extracted from the coffee beans for a more flavorful cup. This is why more and more consumers now prefer using their coffee and espresso machine rather than a regular coffee maker for their morning cups. The espresso brewing process involves the manual or automatic grinding of the coffee beans, which is then tapped into coffee pucks. The pucks are then subjected to ideal water pressure for concentrated coffee that may be drank as is or be used as a base in coffee concoctions like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiato, mochas and other varieties.

Coffee and espresso machines also work well together when a trained barista prepares the espresso shot, carefully measuring the coffee, ensuring that the espresso machine works well, and monitoring the ideal temperatures needed for each step of the brewing process. Fine coffee and espresso machines may indeed be a coffee lover’s solution to make the most out of every coffee cup. Aside from the consistent and rich flavor, espresso machines can produce quick coffee in less than 30 seconds – timed from when the machine’s pump is turned on, until the rich liquid pours into the warmed cup.


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