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Selecting the Greatest Coffee Maker to Suit Your Needs

Finding the perfect coffee maker for you is not really a simple thing. There are many things that should be considered, including your way of life and your budget. It will get tougher once you see the wide selection of coffee makers you can choose from.

The drip coffee makers and programmable brewers are the newest choice of many coffee lovers, while the range-top percolators and vacuum type coffee makers are already set aside in lots of kitchens. With the numerous types and features these new coffee makers have to offer, there’s always that perfect one to suit your needs and budget.

Existence of various coffee machines only proves how totally different the preferences of individuals are when it comes to the coffee they drink. Realizing this, one has to consider his needs and preferences before rushing to purchase a best coffee machine.

Today, the most well-known among the coffee machines is the automatic drip coffee maker.

This sort of coffee maker is very handy to use. It works effectively to those that need their cups of coffee fresh and fast. In just a few minutes after putting in ground coffee and water, one can already enjoy sipping a hot drink. A drip coffee maker is an ideal choice for home and office use. In truth, this
type makes probably the most famous coffee drunk each day.

For individuals who prefer having different types of coffee to drink, the espresso machine is the perfect choice. It’s great for espresso, latte, cappuccino and different specialty coffees. It is a good selection for home use if one prefers to taste different kinds of coffee or if the household members
have different preferences of their coffees.

There are also the normal forms of coffee makers which other individuals still love and enjoy.

The vacuum coffee makers and the stove-top Percolators and the French press are just some of those you can select from for those who fancy the manual coffee machines.

After realizing what you need and want in a coffee maker, it’s time to check the capacity and quality of the item. Each coffee maker has its own brewing and content capacity. There are one-cup coffee machines and there are those which can contain four, five and even up to twelve cups of coffee. Single-cup coffee machines is a handy choice for busy people who can carry their cups right after

A fresh cup of coffee requires freshly ground coffee beans. This is mainly the reason why many high-end coffee machine manufacturers developed and incorporated grinders with their products. There are also best coffee machines with programmable timer and taste selection system features. Of course, these types cost a lot in comparison with the normal coffee makers. (more…)

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Coffee Espresso Maker – Buying my First

I love espresso and have one fairly often from my local coffee shop. I had been considering purchasing an espresso machine for a while. It was fairly intimidating having never made espresso before. I had taken a quick look one time at a kitchen store, there seemed to be a lot of different types of machines with different features. After some careful research and talking with people who had their own machines I eventually made a decision that I’m very happy with. Hopefully you can learn from my experience.

There are four major types of espresso makers, including manual, semi automatic, fully automatic and super automatic machines. These different machines have varying degrees of ease versus control. At one end of the spectrum, manual espresso machines provide the ultimate control over the coffee making process. The super automatic espresso machine, at the other extreme, produces espresso with the least effort required. Understanding this aspect of ease versus control can help you make the right choice for you.

Manual Espresso Maker

The manual espresso machine, sometimes called the piston-driven espresso maker is quite elegant, a pretty stylish addition to your kitchen. It seems that the automatic machines have given these the air of being valuable and old. Some important points to note are they have smaller water reservoirs and can be noisy during initial heating. These makers start at around $400. (more…)

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Perfect Match: Coffee and Espresso Machine

The popularity of coffee has been quite insurmountable for the past decade and has attained its place as one of the top beverages in the world. Tracing its roots back to the 9th century in the highlands of Ethiopia, coffee has long since traveled and extended its flavorful richness and aroma as well as its supposed health benefits to coffee drinkers. These days, the popularity of coffee is evident by the number of coffee shops and specialty stores that prepare different kinds of coffee concoctions using different types, blends and even flavored coffee beans.

The best coffee to capture the right balance of flavor, aroma, bean robustness and acidity is commonly prepared using an espresso base. This is the reason why the perfect combination of quality coffee and an espresso machine that can extract its full flavor offers the best cup of java. Espresso is a concentrated coffee brew that is produced by tamping coffee into pucks, and extracting the flavors with highly-pressurized water. Indeed, the right combination of high quality coffee and an espresso machine that is dependable and functional assures coffee lovers of a perfect shot of espresso every single time.

The Espresso Brewing Process

Espresso, which probably originated in Italy, has a thicker consistency than drip coffee or other beans that are ground coffee makers. The brewing process involved in producing espresso assures that more flavors are extracted from the coffee beans for a more flavorful cup. This is why more and more consumers now prefer using their coffee and espresso machine rather than a regular coffee maker for their morning cups. The espresso brewing process involves the manual or automatic grinding of the coffee beans, which is then tapped into coffee pucks. The pucks are then subjected to ideal water pressure for concentrated coffee that may be drank as is or be used as a base in coffee concoctions like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiato, mochas and other varieties. (more…)

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When Your Pump Breaks: Where to go to get an Espresso Machine Pump?

It seems that these days basically everyone has an espresso machine, and as with anything else, sometimes things break, and so if you happen to end up going through the situation where you find that the pump in your espresso machine has broken, then clearly you are going to have to know where you can go to get an espresso machine pump; the best idea is to inform yourself as to where you can go to get an espresso machine pump before the pump actually breaks, so that you can be fully prepared ahead of time and then not have to worry if the situation does occur to you.

Where can I go to get an Espresso Machine Pump?

In regards to what places you can go to so that you can find an espresso machine pump, let it be known right away that there are plenty. Basically, for the most part, you should get your espresso machine pump from whichever store you purchased your actual espresso machine from.

Espresso Machine Pump

However, often times this is unfortunately not possible, either because they simply do not sell the parts, or because perhaps the company has gone out of business, for example. In this type of scenario, you still should not be worried, because there are plenty of places that are stocked up on all sorts of different espresso machine parts, and so you are sure to be able to find exactly what you are looking for. (more…)

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The Faema Espresso Machine: One of the Best Buys out There

It’s almost like shopping for Christmas – deciding on an espresso machine can often be a rather difficult task, due to the multitude of options that are out there waiting for us. There are so many features, so many brands, and makes and models, that it can get extremely confusing simply trying to decide on which one would be best for us.

The Faema Espresso Machine

The Faema espresso machine is truly one that is worth checking out, and not only is it an espresso machine that is incredibly durable and attractive, but it is also incredibly inexpensive as well, which makes it that much more of a great buy.

You can generally find the Faema espresso machine at any home ware store, and so if you go to Homeware or a store of the like, then you are sure to find a variety of the Faema espresso machine available for you to choose from. The Faema espresso machine is actually one that was voted as being one of the best overall, and so it is definitely worth at least checking out, for that matter.

There are so many different varieties of the espresso machine to choose from, and there are even different colors and shapes that you can find, and so there is no wonder as to why we often have so much trouble trying to make up our mind on which one to choose; you need to consider what would look good in your home, what style suits you best, as well as what features you want included on the model. (more…)

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Finding an Elektra Espresso Machine: It Does not Have to be That Hard

If you are one of the many people who respect the Elektra Company for the wonderful items and equipment that they offer, then surely you are interested in getting an Elektra espresso machine; all espresso machines are truly great in their own way, but the Elektra espresso machine is one that is loved by all.

Why is the Elektra Espresso Machine so Great?

There are actually a number of different reasons as to why the Elektra espresso machine is so fantastic, and for instance, one of the most primarily and worthwhile reasons is that of the fact that they are highly durable, great quality, inexpensive, and beautiful at that.

Rather than adding bulk or disgust to your kitchen, the Elektra espresso machine is one piece of kitchen equipment that will instead add beauty and modernity to your home; these are just some of the reasons that explain why this espresso machine is so great, and thus these are just some of the reasons as to why you should purchase it for yourself and for your own home.

For the most part, the Elektra espresso machines are made from stainless steel, and so they really work with any home, regardless of what design exists inside. As well, there are so many different makes and models that you are sure to find the proper size and style that you want for yourself, all you really need to do is take the time and browse through as many of the options as you can. (more…)

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Where you Should go for Espresso Machine Repair?

Espresso machines are great, but as with basically everything else, they do break sometimes, and so of course we then need to know where we can go for espresso machine repair. There are truly a number of different places that offer espresso machine repair, and so you should take a look at all of the options and then decide which one you like best.

The Companies That Offer Espresso Machine Repair

In regards to the companies that offer espresso machine repair, there are many, and one of the best is Chris’ Coffee Service.

They are a family owned and operated private business that has been serving their community for over thirty years now, and they company currently services that of: professional, medical and legal offices; restaurants, diners, and delis; hotels, hospitals, and schools; convenience stores, food marts, and petrol stations; and coffee houses and cyber cafes.

As well, they feature that of an incredibly extensive product line, which includes that of the following: gourmet coffees that have been roasted by more than 13 different coffee roasters across the US and Canada, Machristay gourmet micro roasted coffees, certified organic and kosher micro roasted coffees, loose tea, and black, herbal, and green teas.

Also they carry flavoring syrups, hot beverages including Torani chocolate, gourmet teas, and more, as well as Oregon chai, powdered cappuccino mixes, leisure time spring water from the Catskill mountains of New York, cold beverages including Coke and Pepsi, and much more. (more…)

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How To Clean A Coffee Maker The Right Way

Noticed a change in your coffee maker’s behavior? Maybe coffee doesn’t taste just as good as it used to? Maybe it’s nowadays a little noisier? If yes, then it’s time to give your brewer a proper cleaning. But it always auto-cleans itself after using? The truth is even the most expensive and those with integrated auto-cleaning need a manual and thorough cleaning once in a while.

So why is cleaning the answer? From time to time, dust and fine coffee residue accumulate inside the coffee maker and in a couple of month’s starts to impair your brewer’s capability. It can even deteriorate the life span of the brewer if left untouched. On top of that, calcium build up in the water reservoir can lead to mold and yeast growth. Mold? Yes, mold and yeast thrive best in warm and moist areas and inside the water reservoir is a perfect spot. In fact, a study carried out by the NSF International discovered that over half of coffee makers are infected by mold. This could be harmful to your health.

Luckily, cleaning your coffee maker is relatively easy and can be done without spending money. You can decide to spend on those descaling powders or simply use some water and vinegar. Vinegar has been proven from time to time to be the one of the best and cheapest cleaning solutions for decalcifying and getting rid of those residues. Now that you’re ready, follow the below steps to clean your coffee maker.

Steps to Cleaning your Coffee maker


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Permanent Coffee Filter or Paper Filter: Pros and Cons

One of the most common ways of making coffee is the filter drip method. The method makes use of a coffee filter that removes coffee grounds right after brewing thus preventing over brewing. Coffee filters have been around since early 1900’s when they were used to prevent coffee from going bitter. Today, we have two main types of coffee filters, permanent reusable and paper coffee filters. Below we take a closer look at each and find out which their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Paper Filters

Paper Filters

Paper filters are meant for a one-time use and should be disposed of after brewing. They are known to remove or rather absorb oils from coffee leading to a richer coffee experience. Recent studies have also paper filters remove a compound called cafestol, contained in coffee beans, that increases the levels of cholesterol in the body over a long period of time. Though a new one is used every time, paper filters are cheap and cost pennies though the cost does add up with time. Below are the pros and cons of paper filters: (more…)